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MarketingWonk: November 2003 Archives (internet advertising & online marketing industry news)

Re PR:
MarketingWonk: November 2003 Archives (internet advertising & online marketing industry news)
What is a good page rank? Google has my home page listed as a six. The other pages are fives some fours.
> Is six an OK rank? a bad rank? Will a one person site ever get a
> rating of nine or ten? Should I try for a higher number or be
> satisfied with my current page rank?

Hmm, just a six. Really, you should give up on every hoping to do well with Google. If you're not a nine or a ten, you'll simply never appear for anything.


Honestly, do yourself a favor and uninstall the Google Toolbar. A PR6 value is actually pretty high, but in and of itself, it doesn't predict how well you'll do with Google.

Each page within your web site will have its own PR value. That's only one part of many factors that influences if each and every page will rank well for different terms.

Another key factor is link context. Amazon, last time I looked, was a PR9 site. Search for "books," and it's number one. Search for "cars," and it doesn't appear. Why? No one links to Amazon and in or near the link uses the word "cars." The links are not contextuall relevant for that term.

Try something else. Search for something at Google, anything. The
results that come up should all be listed by PR value, right -- those with the highest PR scores first. Not so. Start visiting sites. You'll be surprise to see things like a PR4 site may come first, then a PR6 site, then PR5, then PR6, then PR4 and so on.

To recap, the PR value you have is not the primary factor to concern yourself with. Instead of trying to raise your PR score, instead, ensure that you are offering great content and the best possible user experience to your users. That will bring in some links to you naturally, which should help both the PR score and your contextual linking. Also, seek out sites related to your topic and audience that are non-competive. Ask for links, and be free to link out in return, if your audience will gain from that.

And Andrew, excellent job with I-Search! I've greatly enjoyed reading the new posts coming in under your helmsmanship, as well as the ample stage-setting comments you've often provided.


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