Monday, January 05, 2004

Google email response to Florida enq List archives at Adventive

List archives at Adventive: "t archives"


Thank you for your note. Please be assured that Google does not accept payment for inclusion of sites in our index, nor for improving the rank of sites in our results. As you may know, results in our index change regularly based on ongoing, automated processes aimed at improving the quality and content of our search results. Changes you observe may include, but are not limited to, addition of new sites, changes in the ranking of existing sites, sites falling out of the index or getting
dropped and sites' content fluctuating between old and new content.

We realize these changes can be confusing. However, these processes are completely automated and not indicative of wrong-doing or penalization of individual sites. We currently include over three billion pages in our index and it is certainly our intent to represent the content of the Internet fairly and accurately. The ongoing changes you have observed are part of this effort.

While we cannot guarantee that your clients' pages will consistently appear in our index or appear with a particular rank, we do offer guidelines for building a "crawler-friendly" site. You can find these guidelines at . Following
these recommendations may increase the likelihood that your clients' sites will show up consistently in Google search results.

We appreciate your feedback and will pass it on to our engineers.

The Google Team

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