Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Google partners with BearingPoint | CNET News.com

Google partners with BearingPoint | CNET News.com: "A partnership that's expected to be announced Tuesday between Google and professional services provider BearingPoint, formerly KPMG, aims to make searching across corporate and internal desktops and databases as easy as using Google's Web search page.

BearingPoint has thousands of consultants trained to help companies--including many Global 2000 businesses--install, integrate and customize the Google Search Appliance and the Google Desktop for Enterprise software, Chris Weitz, managing director for BearingPoint, said on Monday.

The Google search appliance is used to let employees at corporations, federal agencies and other organizations search for documents in internal databases and other sources that may be spread across different locations and that tend to be unstructured data hidden from Internet search engines. The Desktop for Enterprise software lets people search for data on their desktops. "

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