Friday, November 21, 2003

Retailers Rise in Google Rankings as Rivals Cry Foul

I think that this example demonstrates the deep tension betweens the Google ranking philosophy & commerce, especially where resellers & affiliates are involved.
Retailers Rise in Google Rankings as Rivals Cry Foul: "Danny Sullivan, who is the editor of, said the problem had hit other industries too, particularly as companies encourage affiliates, or online brokers, to sell their products. He worries about the impact on consumers.
'If I do a search for gift baskets, I'd probably like to get a balanced list,' he said. 'If I get 10 listings from the same company, that doesn't help me.'
But other search engine experts say that occupying multiple slots in search rankings may simply be smart marketing. Greg Boser, the founder of, a search-engine marketing consultancy, likened the Gift Services sites to GMC and Chevrolet. 'They have different logos and different TV commercials,' he said, 'but a Chevy truck is exactly the same thing as a GMC truck.'"

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