Monday, November 03, 2003

Keeping up with the forum debates I started is heavy going, but as long as there are no more sleep-overs so I am not seperated from my keyboard it should get easier.: ..especially as it got a mention in Search Engine Guides "Forum discussions of the day" & Jil herself says "Hey all! Wow, this topic is being discussed everywhere!"
Cre8asite Forums
"The other more more important point Jill made is that she thought attempts to catch devious SEO tricks was something Google was diligent about catching. She's finding this may not be true. From an SEO perspective, why in the heck should ANY SEO bother to follow Google's own guidelines for SEO's when Google itself isn't monitoring what's going on?"

Choice quotes:

Relevancy factors:

Cre8asite forums. Google - Kudos to Jill Whalen and Wed Advisor. [ Search Engine Optimization, Usability and Web Design. ]: "Google certainly work constantly to improve their relevancy algos, however relevancy, as far as Google is concerned, is not defined soely in seo terms. Relevancy includes other variables such as timeliness, cultural bias, semantics, inter-relationships etc etc. They have certainly improved timeliness of late. It's obviously a pretty important factor.

It all comes back to Googles user centric model. If the user is happy, Google is happy. I'm a user, I always find what I want with Google and I couldn't care less how those top ten sites got there, so long as they are relevant to me."

AdWords are often more relevant, and more varied, than the serps and they provide a revenue stream. Something to think about

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