Friday, August 12, 2005

ZDNet UK Begs Google for Forgiveness

Slashdot: "prostoalex writes 'In light of the recent CNet ban by Google folks at ZDNet UK are now not sure whether they will get the same treatment, being a CNet company. But, just in case, they apologize profusely:

'Acting under the mistaken impression that Google's search engine was intended to help research public data, we have in the past enthusiastically abused the system to conduct exactly the kind of journalism that Google finds so objectionable. Clearly, there is no place in modern reporting for this kind of unregulated, unprotected access to readily available facts, let alone in capriciously using them to illustrate areas of concern. We apologise unreservedly, and will cooperate fully in helping Google change people's perceptions of its role just as soon as it feels capable of communicating to us how it wishes that role to be seen.'' "

Wanted at Google: A few good chefs | CNET "Google representatives have instituted a policy of not talking with CNET reporters until July 2006 in response to privacy issues raised by a previous story"

Google: An Apology - ZDNet UK Comment: "Google has decided that search engines should not be used to collate data. We wish to say sorry for believing otherwise"

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