Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The Observer | Focus | Google is watching you

The Observer | Focus | Google is watching you: "Jordana Beebe of the San Diego-based Privacy Rights Clearing House said: 'The privacy implications of going through and perusing a customer's email to display targeting advertising could be the Achilles' heel for Google's service.'
Google, which has enjoyed an almost slavishly admiring press since its launch, is unused to dealing with criticism. It was hardly surprising, therefore, that its response to last week's onslaught veered from unconvincing ('The ads would be akin to coupons that shoppers get at grocery stores, based on what they've just purchased') to apologetic ('We'll learn. I'm sure our users will tell us frankly when we don't get it right, and we'll adjust accordingly') to simply bemused ('I am very surprised that there are these kind of questions,' said Larry Page.) "

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