Friday, January 30, 2004

GOOGLE Hilltop Algorithm Changes Vol6 1-27-2004

SEO Insites GOOGLE Hilltop Algorithm Changes Vol6 1-27-2004

Here is what the Hilltop Algorithm looks like:
Old Google Ranking Formula = {(1-d)+a (RS)} * {(1-e)+b (PR * fb)} New Google Ranking Formula = {(1-d)+a (RS)} * {(1-e)+b (PR * fb)} * {(1-f)+c (LS)}
Google quickly found that the Hilltop algorithm also had flaws. So Google created a two-step search process that combines PageRank technology and the Hilltop algorithm.So how do companies continue to enjoy top rankings on Google?Getting top rankings on Google depends on meeting the criteria of PageRank and Hilltop. Therefore, companies have to receive significant numbers votes or quality links from authority sites (PageRank) and have meaningful / relevant hypertext links (Hilltop) inbound to their web pages. Just as it has always been, Content is critical and linking is now more important that ever.Two Conclusions can be drawn from our research:

1.Google is not trying to force companies to buy keywords; it is simply trying to improve its algorithm.

2.The search engine optimization methodology and strategies used to achieve top placements just became significantly more complicated with the addition of Hilltop With Google handling 75 to 85 percent of all search requests, companies doing business on the Web must retain top rankings in the search engines in order to survive. And that means making sure that your firm satisfies the criteria of the two algorithms.

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