Monday, October 27, 2003

Forum feedback of interest:
Google over 50,000 pages dropped: "The problem with PR sometimes not showing in the Toolbar when there is an ending backslash is a known Toolbar glitch, and happens to many pages on the web"

"My theory is that Google has figured this to be a "directory page", which it is! and therefore has decided real content is to be found on subpages. The page is in Google it just doesn't have any keywords linked to it. You can test this by going to one of the sub pages and if you have Googles Toolbar installed press on "i" and select backwarf links. You will see that does come up, but without description or anything.
The same is true for another page on your site:
And probably many more.

I am just speculating here, but I think Google does this to make sure the users get directly to where the content is and not end up on a sitemap or similar.

I wouldn't worry about the "/" issue as long as you are consistent and only make your links point to the "/" pages. That way no PR is waisted on the pages without it.

"We used to have over 100,000 pages indexed. Now, we have just over
50,000 and dropping. "

How many pages does your site really contain? Maybe you eliminated a lot of double entries when you cleaned up your site. For example Google thinks that one of our sites has 80.000 pages. The real number is well below that, but because of dynamic pages a lot of them look different to Google. This is hurting us big time in PR. Wd have one page in particular where this is true. This single page is linked to by more than 100.000 different pages on the net, but because the links are dynamic and values are added - Google thinks this is 1000 different pages and PR is spread accordingly. This could probably be a PR8 site if we could make Google understand that this is a single page. "

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